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A Covenant of Service Installation Bro. Steve Skaggs was installed as the new pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church during the Morning Worship Service on May 5, 2013. David England referenced the passage of scripture (Matthew 11:28-30) used by Bro. Vic Stansbury in his last sermon on July 29, 2012. David specifically noted how “Take My Yoke Upon You…” is a challenge, ordained by God, that has been passed from Bro. Vic to Bro. Steve to lead the church forward in its service of God as it shares the message of God and continues to be a lighthouse for the community. Avery and Laurel Cochran performed special music, “Live Like That” prior to the message given by Bro. Steve called, “Experiencing God”. Bro. Steve’s daughterin-law, Melissa Skaggs, sang, “Take My Life and Let It Be” after the Covenant of Service Installation was completed.
Bro. Steve served as pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church for 4 ½ years. Among the many events or changes that took place during his term as Interim Pastor and Pastor were: The 1st Annual “Back to School Bash” was started (August, 2012) The rededication and renaming of the fellowship hall to “The Rev. Victor J. Stansbury Fellowship Hall” (February, 2013) A MHBC Facebook presence was started with McKenzie Hardin as administrator (May, 2013) The two existing air conditioning units were replaced and two more added to fullfill the needs of the church (July, 2013) “At the Break of Day” messages done daily by Bro. Steve, posted on the MHBC Facebook page and the Home Page of the church website (July, 2013) Two deacons were ordained: Steve Morris and Josh Veatch (August, 2013) A “Baptism in the River” was performed upon the Profession of Faith Decision of Taylor Nelson (August, 2013) The First Annual Men’s Skeet Shoot was started (August, 2013) The First Annual Women’s Luncheon was started (September, 2013) A new church directory was published (April, 2014) A Senior Adult Trip was taken in Pennsylvania (May, 2014) Initiating of “Servant Keeper” software to keep track of church members and other data of the church (August, 2014) A Fall Renewal Weekend Revival was held (October, 2014) The 140th Anniversary Celebration was held (November 9, 2014) The Western Recorder was made available, one copy per family, with the back page devoted one time per month to publishing the news of MHBC (November, 2014) The 1st Annual Marriage Retreat was held (February, 2015) The elevator installation was completed (April, 2015) The parking lot was re-blacktopped and expanded (September, 2015) The Constitution and By-Laws were reviewed and ammended (March, 2016) A “Education Revitalization Focus Group (EARF)” was formed to plan for and proceed with renovation of the old fellowship hall (June, 2016) Participated in the state-wide “Operation, In As Much-Kentucky” (September, 2016) Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church hosted the Central Association of Kentucky Baptists Annual Fall Meeting (October, 2016) The parsonage remodeling was completed (October, 2016) The “Mountain Movers” Opening Assembly was started (February, 2017) Two children, Maddie Hardin and Jacklyn Farmer, participated in the KBC All State Chorus (April, 2017) One deacon was ordained: Trent Pyles (August, 2017) Bro. Steve Skagges presented his resignation as pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church to the Chairman of the Deacons, Mark Carney, and to the congregation at the conclusion of the Morning Worship Service on September 3, 2017. A potluck meal was given in honor of his service on his last day as our pastor, September 24, 2017. On Sunday, September 24, 2017, Bro. Steve Skaggs gave his last sermon as pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church. It was Divine Intervention that he returned to serve as our Interim Pastor upon the sudden death of our previous pastor of 32 years. It was Bro. Steve who guided us through the transition and helped us all through the shock and grieving process. He later answered the call to be the Pastor of MHBC and was installed on May 5, 2013. So many things have taken place in that time! A lot of new ideas and carry over of old ones. We at MHBC are so thankful for his part in all the activities and especially thankful for his compassionate presence while helping us through ups and downs, surgeries, births, weddings, deaths and other life events; and patiently sitting with us in the waiting rooms all those times. Today we had a reception/meal in honor of Bro. Steve and Shirley to thank them for their service the last 5 years. We presented them with a love offering and two Cracker Barrel rocking chairs with their names and the church name engraved in them and placement of a UK Wildcat emblem, Bro. Steve's team. We wish them well in their retirement and transition into the next chapter of their lives as they continue to serve God in a different capacity. They will be missed greatly!

Bro. Steve Skaggs

(Pastor of MHBC from April, 2013 - September, 2017)

Br o. Steve Skaggs, originally from Buffalo, Kentucky, has served as a minister at various churches in Kentucky for over 30 years. His pastoral work in both full-time and part-time positions has included the areas of music, youth, and senior adults as well as pastoral care and other duties with the congregations he has served. He has been active in home and international missions and denominational work through the churches he has served, local Baptist Associations, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Bro. Steve formerly served Muldraugh Hill as Minister of Music and Youth from 1988 until 1991. Rev. Skaggs was ordained by Valley View Baptist Church, Vine Grove, Kentucky, in 2001. He holds degrees from Campbellsville University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. St eve and his wife Shirley are high school sweethearts who celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2013. Their son Matthew and his wife Melissa have one daughter, Katie Beth, and reside in Lexington. Bro. Steve returned to Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church several times over the years since serving as Minister of Music and Youth. He was here to entertain the senior adults during their annual meal in their honor on August 4, 2012 when everyone learned of the sudden death of Bro. Vic Stansbury, pastor of MHBC for almost 32 years. Bro. Vic had undergone surgery a few days earlier in the week and had, afterwards, suffered a massive heart attack. He was flown to Louisville. He died at 5:47 p.m. on Saturday, the 4th of August. Bro. Steve was very close to the Stansbury family and to the church family. He offered to be the interim pastor after Bro. Vic's death. He led the church during a very difficult time. A Pastor Search Committee was formed in January, 2013 and, in April, Bro. Steve was called to serve as the next pastor of MHBC. He accepted the call and was installed as the new pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church during the Morning Worship Service ( Covenant of Service Installation ) on May 5, 2013. See more pictures .

History of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church

September 25, 2017 from Bro. Steve: “Shirley and I say thank you to everyone for your gift but especially for all your expressions of love yesterday. We truly thank God every time we remember you!” Bro. Steve published his last “At The Break of Day” (ATBOD) message on September 30, 2017: September 30, 2017 -- “At the Break of Day” “At the break of day” has, from the beginning, meant to inspire you to have a daily devotional life. Prayer and scripture should always be the basis of our daily devotions. Paul wrote, “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ” (II Corinthians 4:6). Perhaps his thoughts were inspired by Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” There are so many good devotional resources available today including posts like this one. And, while I use these myself, my personal preference is to have a book in my hands. Plus you know that I would tell you to not neglect the hymnal as a devotional resource. Looking at hymns as devotional poetry rather than between the lines of music can bring new insight to even the most well-known hymn. But you can have a devotional moment with just your Bible! We can, of course, pray and have devotional times any time during the day but I believe following Jesus’ example works best: “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35). He spent time with His Heavenly Father the very first thing and we should too before the busyness of our day becomes a distraction. This is the last day I will share my thoughts in this space. Thank you always for beginning your day here and for sharing these words with others. May you continue to “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18) as you seek Him daily. Bro. Steve
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