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(October, 1974--October, 1984) Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church celebrated its Centennial Anniversary with a week-long revival from Oct. 21-Oct. 27, 1974. The speakers for each night were as follows: Monday - Bro. L.D. Kennedy Tuesday - Bro. W.R. Beard, a former pastor Wednesday (- Bro. Hicks Shelton Thursday - Bro. Paul Payne, ordained by this church Friday - Bro. E.V. Carrier, a former pastor Saturday - Bro. J.W. Wall, a former pastor This was old-fashioned night with old-fashioned dress and lanterns and lamps lighting the sanctuary) Sunday - Bro. Richard M. Shields, a former pastor Sunday morning services were followed by "dinner on the grounds" at noon and entertainment that afternoon by the Journeymen Quartet and a closing message delivered by Bro J.C. Raikes, who was ordained by this church. 513 people signed the guest register that week and there were probably several that attended services and failed to sign the register. At the close of his message on Sunday morning (November 17, 1974), Bro. Bruce Hullette read his letter of resignation to the Church. The resignation was effective Dec. 8, 1974. He had accepted a call to Surgoinsville Baptist Church in Surgoinsville, Tennessee, where he had been pastor previously and where he is pastor at this time. The telephone was made a private line on February 5, 1975. Bro. Gene Hall served as interim pastor, substituted once by Bro. Carrier and once by Bro. Ken Forman (father of our Music Director, Dave Forman) Following the Sunday morning services on April 13, 1975, the church was called to order for the business of voting, by secret ballot, on Bro. Earl Pike as Pastor. The results were 159 for and 16 opposed. A unanimous standing vote was also given in favor of Bro. Pike and an announcement was made at the evening services that he had accepted. The Pike family moved to the pastorium on Monday, May 5, 1975 and he assumed the pastorate on June 1, 1975. On June 8, 1975, our Music Director, David Forman, submitted his resignation to become effective June-15, 1975. In a special called business meeting on Sunday morning (June 22, 1975), the church voted to install air condition in the church building. On August 6, 1975, at regular business meeting, a committee composed of Mary C. Begley, Ruth Farmer, Carroll Taylor, Albert Smothers, and Theresa Feather were appointed to draw up a constitution and by-laws. A copy of the complete document was distributed to each church family on Sunday, Sept. 27, 1975. Buddy Moore resigned as deacon on September 7, 1975. On Sept.28, 1975, at a called business meeting, the church voted, upon the recommendation of the music committee, to call Larry Brandenburg as our full time Music Director. At the conclusion of this church year (October, 1974--Sept., 1975), the number of new members added were 6 (by letter) and the following members were recorded as deaths: Leonard Moberley (Nov. 1, 1974) Mrs. Harlan "Christine" Farmer (Feb. 1.5, 1975) H.G. Disney (July 6, 1975) Leonard Sapp (September, 1975) Ezra Colvin (Sept. 4, 1975) James. H. Smith (Sept. 210, 1975) On Nov. 12, 1975, at regular business meeting, the church voted to hire Gloria Mattingly as church secretary for one day per week. On this date it was also decided to install aluminum siding and guttering at a cost of $1261.00 instead of painting the church's exterior trim. Also it was determined that there should be one deacon for every fifty residents and a rotation list of deacons was started. Hubie Graham, Ernest Carol Taylor, and Clarence Yates were ordained as deacons by Bro. Carrier on January 25, 1976. On April 7, 1976, the church voted to purchase a small tract of land containing approximately 3 acres from Mrs.Theresa Feather and Felix Cooper at a cost of $4300.00. On April 21, 1976, at a called business meeting, the church voted to purchase a tract of land containing approximately one and one-half to one and three-fourths acre from Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Livers at a cost of $5000.00. Earl Brockman, Lester Farmer and Marion Payne cleared this newly acquired land for a recreational area. Aerial View of ChurchAn aerial view of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church and the parsonage. On May 30, 1976, we had a Homecoming celebration and note-burning, which ended indebtedness on the parsonage. A new typewriter was purchased in August 1976. An Evangelistic Crusade was held from Aug. 22-29, 1976, composed of 27 churches of different denominations from Marion and Washington Counties. It was held at the Marion County High School Football Stadium each night at 8 o'clock. Bro. Wayne Bristow of Lubbock, Texas was the evangelist. At the conclusion of the church year (October, 1975-September, 1976), the Deceased members recorded were: Harlan Farmer (Feb. 8, 1976) J.E. Settles and Raymond England were nominated and approved to be deacons on September 15, 1976. They were ordained by Bro. Earl Pike on October 3, 1976. On Oct. 6, 1976, it was noted that the Church Secretary, Gloria Mattingly, has secured fulltime employment elsewhere and could no longer hold the position of secretary. Debbie Farris was hired for this position. On April 10, 1977, Larry Brandenburg tendered his resignation as Music Director to accept a similar position at Hodgensville Baptist Church. On April 17, 1977, Bro. Pike addressed the congregation after morning worship services regarding his desire to acquire a church bus. Pledges were called for and more than enough money was realized to purchase the used bus. The initial cost of the bus was $700.00 plus the additional costs of license, title, tires, painting, and insurance amounted to $1600.00. The bus is still in service and has covered many, many miles since the time of purchase. On May 4, 1977, the decision was made to pave the parking area of the church grounds (3,537 sq. yd at $2.65.per sq. yd.) totaling $9,373.05 plus the cost of preparation for paving (filling in with rock). The paving was completed by July 13, 1977. It was also decided at this meeting to erect a plank fence surrounding the church grounds. It was also reported at this meeting that .3 acre of ground had been given to the church to complete the recreational area. At the conclusion of this church year (Oct. 1, 1976--Sept., 1977), the number of new members added were 8 (by baptism) and 8 (by letter). The members recorded as deceased were: Winnie S. Martin Frank Caulk (Jan. 23, 1977) Matra Raikes (Feb. 15, 1977) Clarence Hardesty (March 6, 1977) Arthur,Sanders (April 3, 1977) Porter Benningfield (May, 1977) Coy Sapp (Sept. 9, 1977) According to the minutes of monthly business meeting in October, 1977, no attendance record was listed for Training Union, so we assume that as of October, 1977, Training Union was discontinued. During the week of June 23-July 2, 1978, The Stalneckers conducted revival services here with their music, preaching, and activities for the youth. They traveled in a bus which furnished their living quarters. The group included Ed and Bette Stalnecker, their 2 sons and wives, and 1 grandchi1d. At that time, they had traveled to over 600 Southern Baptist Churches from First Baptist Church in Key West, Fla. to First Baptist Church in Anchorage, Alaska. A special called business meeting was held on July 2, 1978 in which the church decided to purchase the organ (which we now use) from the Stalneckers at a cost of $2600.00. On July 12, 1978, the church voted to amend by-laws, Article VI, Section 3 concerning the selection and rotation system of deacons. At the conclusion of this church year (October, 1977-Sept., 1978), the number of new members added were 14 (by baptism) and 10 (by letter). Those members recorded as deceased were: Arthur "Jip" Hardesty (Oct. 19, 1977) Annie Bright (March 3, 1978) Omer Wise (May 28, 1978) Leslie Brockman (July 12, 1978) On Oct. 4, 1978, Gary Vidito was called as Minister of Music A special business meeting was called for Jan. 17, 1979, at which time the decision was made to renovate the parsonage by enclosing the garage to make a den, adding a fireplace and carport. At the conclusion of this church year (October, 1978--Sept., 1979), the number of new members added were 6 (by baptism) and 15 (by letter). The members recorded as deceased were: Mrs. Omer "Lizzie" Wise (Dec. 23, 1978) Charlie Wise (Jan. 20, 1979) John Taylor Sherman Wise Mrs. Pete "Ethel" Hardesty Ira Taylor Cordie Horton On July 6, 1980, Bro. Pike submitted his resignation and Sunday, July 20, 1980 was Bro. Pike's last sermon here as pastor. Bro. Charles VanZant, who was a member of our church, served as interim pastor. At the conclusion of this church year (October, 1979--Sept., 1980), the number of new members added were 12 (by baptism). Those members recorded as deceased were: Frank D. Jacobs (Sept, 23, 1979) Leona Watson (March, 1980) Shelby Wise (Aug., 1980) On Oct. 5, 1980, Bro. Victor Stansbury came for a trial sermon. On Oct. 8, 1980, the pulpit committee made a recommendation to the church to call Bro. Stansbury as pastor. On Sunday, Oct. 12, 1980 the congregation voted by secret ballot of 150 "yes" and 3 "no" votes to call him as our pastor. His first sermon as our pastor was Nov. 30, 1980. On April 26, 1981, Gary Vidito submitted his resignation as Music Director effective May 24, 1981. On July 8, 1981, the church voted for the construction of a ramp and the renovation of the front steps to be done by Bradley Hoosier at a cost of $3000.00. On July 26, 1981, Bro. Stansbury was pleasantly surprised upon arriving home from vacation to find 2 new air conditioners installed in the parsonage at a cost of $1030.00. On Sept.9, 1981, the church voted to call Nick Szymansky as Music and Youth Director. Shortly thereafter, Marty Szymansky, wife of our Music and Youth Director, started Mission Friends for the preschoolers of our church. Mission Friends are still meeting on Sunday nights during worship service. At the conclusion of the church year (October, 1980--Sept., 1981), the number of new members added were 3 (by baptism) and 9 (by letter). Those members recorded as deceased were: Winfred "Tink" Brockman (Jan. 1. 1981) Gilbert Brockman March 18-21, 1982---World Missions Conference preceeded by study course each night. Speakers included: Thursday (Nasby Cecil Mills)--State Missions serving in the Upper Cumberland Association Friday (Donald Wayne Dyer)--Home Missions serving as pastor of Main Street Baptist Church, Brunswick, Maine Saturday (Mike Greer)--foreign.missionary to Israel Sunday morning (Jim C. Dillard)--foreign missionery to Nyeri, Kenya Sunday evening-H. Fay Hughes-home missionary serving in Illinois At the conclusion of the church year (Oct., 1981--Sept., 1982), the number of new members added were 3 (by baptism) and 7 (by letter). Those members recorded as deceased were: Hall,Newcomb (March, 1982) Mrs. Buddy "Helen" Moore (August, 1982) Mrs. Ed "Annabelle" Moore (September, 1982) On Oct. 6, 1982, the church voted to buy the piano, which is presently being used in the basement, from Wanda Buckler at a cost of $400.00. On November, 1982, Nick Szymansky, our Minister of Music and Youth, resigned. In a special called business meeting on August 7, 1983, it was decided to call Jerry Noble as Minister of Music and Youth. At the conclusion of the church year (October, 1982--Sept., 1983), the number of members added to the church were 3 (by baptism) and 9 (by letter). Those members recorded as deceased were: Mrs.Frank "Margaret" O'Gorman (Dec. 13, 1982) Ella Yates (July, 1983) Sudie Sapp (July, 1983) In May, 1984, Jerry Noble resigned as Minister of Music and Youth. On July 1, 1984, the church voted to call Don Hamlin as Minister of Music and Youth. During the times that we were without a Minister of Music, J.E. Settles served as the Music Director and Danny England worked with the youth when the Youth Directors resigned. At the conclusion of the church year (October, 1983---Sept., 1984), the number of new members added to the church were 7 (by baptism) and 5 (by letter). Those members recorded as deceased were: Edward Wise (Qct.1,1983) Deward Cox (Oct. 5, 1983) Elsie Disney (Dec. 5, 1983) William Lee "Bill" Moore (Jan. 1, 1984) Teresa Cooper Feather (June 26, 1984) Lillie Newcomb (Aug. 23, 1984) Samuel Watson (Sept. 25, 1984) The main source of material for this summary of the last 10 years was the minutes of the business meetings recorded for those years. Many other events and activities were accomplished that were not mentioned in the minutes, but due to lack of time, the History Committee was unable to research the dates of these happenings. Some things recalled by the Committee were: Renovation of the church kitchen A new copy machine for the church office which is now paid for in full as of Sept., 1984. New Communion Chairs, given by an anonymous donor and made by Tommy Buckler, a church member. Published a monthly church newsletter, the Sunday School Gazette, along with a monthly calendar of birthdays and anniversaries Recreation Committee was formed to plan activities and trips for the church Annual Maundy Thursday services on the Thursday before Easter fellowship meal followed by candlelight services and observance of the Lord's Supper Christmas caroling to the shut-ins Annual Christmas Eve Services On Oct. 14, 1984, the church will have its 110th anniversary celebration with old- fashioned dress and a meal served after morning worship service. The youth of the church plan to bury a time capsule behind the church containing items that are relevent to our church and community today. Films of past church functions will be shown in the afternoon. The History Committee plans, within the next few weeks to compile a more detailed account of the past 10 years, which will be available in booklet form for each church family. The History Committee: Irene Maupin Emogene Farmer Judy Benningfield
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