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Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church Documents Library

MHBC Church Documents All the forms are available for download in PDF format by clicking on the link. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click the icon below for a FREE download of the necessary software.
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Click blue box to view: Weekly Bulletins from January 2014 to present. Search by year-month-day. (Example: Bulletin_20191103.pdf) Contact the church secretary for bulletins older than 2014. Click blue box to view: Facilities Use Policy Facilities Use Form Complete application form and give to the church secretary Wedding Policy (8/6/2014) Click blue box to view: Organizational Structure Church Years from 2003 to present Search by beginning year-ending year (Example: organizational_structure_2010to2011.pdf) Click blue box to view (Request link by email): Business Meeting Summary Notes January 2013 to present Search by year-month-day (Example: Business_Meeting_Minutes_MHBC_20130508.pdf) Click blue box to view: Guidelines for use of and request for Emergency Funds (2/2011) How to become a Christian and member of MHBC Designation of Funds Request Form Minister of Music Job Description Clerical Secretary Job Description Financial Secretary Job Description Duties of Grounds and Housekeeping Minister of Youth Job Description Year-End Charitable Contribution Information 2019 Click blue box to View upon (Request link by email): Articles of Incorporation Constitution and By-Laws Formation of Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee (10/4/2017) Charge to the Pastor and Church (8/5/2018) Pastor’s Covenant with the church (8/2018) Deacons, Active and Inactive Men’s Membership List Budget for Fiscal Year 2019