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(1984-1999) Barbara Jean Benningfield, Elizabeth Farmer, Emogene Farmer, and Joyce Payne compiled the history of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church from 1984 to 1999. Much appreciation goes to these ladies who spent many hours gathering information from church and associational minutes, church records and bulletins, and individual sources. Although much time was required, the ladies reported that they enjoyed reminiscing about the many activities occurring in the history of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church. The following amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws pertaining to the election of deacons was approved on October 10, 1984. Amendment to our By-Laws ARTICLE VI, Section 3 of the Constitution Section 3. Deacons (1) There may be one deacon for every fifty resident members whose names are o n the church roll until a maximum of fifty deacons is reached. The deacon shall serve on a three year rotation system, based on our fiscal year, after which, he must be inactive one year before being chosen again. The recommendation of men for deaconship to be activated into active service shall be made by the nominating committee. The primary guide for the Church as to the men who are qualified will be 1 Timothy 3:8-12, Acts 6:1-7, and Titus. The qualifications for deaconship shall be read by the pastor after which asking God's guidance in prayer. Each member of the nominating committee shall have before him/her a list containing the names of all men in membership of the Church. The pastor will read from the list, asking them to give prayerful consideration to each, and to decide together upon the men, in their judgment, that are the most qualified for deaconship. When they decide, the men needed shall be contacted and asked if they are willing to serve, if so, they will be presented to the Church along with all the other teachers and officers recommended by the nominating committee. During the church year of 1985, there were 7 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 162; and the recorded deaths were: Henry Benningfield Mrs. Clarence Hardesty Carter Rafferty Marion Sapp During 1986, with a majority vote, the decision was made to renovate the sanctuary as follows: Install oak paneling across the front, behind the piano, organ, and pulpit area. Carpet the entire sanctuary, the hall in back of sanctuary, and all the stairs. Install new floor covering on the floor of the vestibule. Install padded covering on pews. The renovation cost was not to exceed $22,000. The actual cost was $19,544.99. During Business session conducted on July 8, 1986, recognition was given to Charles Glenn Wright, who has surrendered to the ministry and has given evidence that God has called him by preaching for us. Through the vote taken, approval was given for Glenn to be issued a certificate of license to preach. We learned on June 10, 1987, that Charles Glenn Wright had been called as pastor of the Brush Grove Baptist Church located in the Central Association. The ordination service for Charles Glenn Wright was held on June 21, 1987. On August 6, 1986, the Church voted to issue a certificate of license to Charles E. Hamlin, who has surrendered to God's call into the ministry. During the church year of 1986, there were 11 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 179; and the recorded deaths were: William Bright Daisy Buckman Mayme Cox Nathaniel Farmer Zelma Farmer Stella Hardesty Leonard Jacobs Corine Sanders James Shipp Della Wilson Burnam and Anita Lanham were hired to clean the church on April 8, 1987. According to the minutes of the business meeting conducted on June 10, 1987, the members present were surprised as they experienced the shock of a moderate earthquake while the financial report was being read. A new roof was installed on the church building during 1987. There has been some concern among the membership regarding ownership of the cemetery across the road from the church building. The deacons contacted John Smith, a local attorney, who was asked to research and investigate the matter. During business meeting on June 10, 1988, the deacons reported that Mr. Smith had researched the court records and found a deed dated December 6, 1874, stating that a 1.5 acre tract in front of the Baptist Church has been conveyed to the trustees on Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church to be held by them as a public cemetery. (The 1974 deed is a record of the transfer of property from Citizens National Bank, executor of the will of Samuel Cooper, to Teresa Feather and Felix Cooper. That deed for slightly more than 56 acres shows an exception of that conveyance of a 1 1/2 acre tract in front of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church which has been conveyed to the trustees of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church to be held by them as a public cemetery.) Other deeds and records indicate that the property was deeded to the trustees sometime between 1897 and 1917. During the church year of 1987, there were 5 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 173; and the recorded deaths were: Carol Brockman Mrs. James P. Farmer Elbert Rafferty Joe Richerson Herman Stapp Mary Wade On May 15, 1988, Steve Skaggs was called as minister of music and youth. He began to serve in this capacity on June 12, 1988. Also in 1988, the Church voted to enter into an agreement with the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to pay $210 per year for the pastor's retirement plan with no additional cost to the Church. On August 21, 1988, a special offering was taken after the worship service to be sent to the "Citizens Against State Lottery," to help them in their television, newspaper, and other areas of advertisement against the lottery. The Church purchased a reconditioned commercial stove for the kitchen. The Church voted to approve a proposal presented by the deacons to change Sections 6 and 12 of the Constitution and By-Laws to be amended so that the stewardship committee be nominated by the deacons at the same time as the nominating committee and that the secretary-treasurer become a permanent member of the stewardship committee. During the church year of 1988, there were 18 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 175; and the recorded deaths were: Lottie Moore Dorsey Oda Farmer Lyndon Melton, deacon Ellen McNear Mary Payne Roy Porter Minnie Wise Clarence Yates, deacon Geneva Yates During 1989, there was a recognized need for new hymnals. The music committee was given the authority to purchase the number of books needed when the new edition is published. The edition is expected to be available in 1991. Members were given an opportunity to purchase hymnals for the Church in honor of or in memory of friends, relatives, or loved ones. Three hundred copies of The New Baptist Hymnal were purchased in 1991. A love offering and $500 from the treasury was provided for Steve and Shirley Skaggs toward expenses for a trip to Europe. More than 100 meals were served for the senior citizens meal provided by the deacons and their wives on July 29, 1989. A major purchase made in 1989, was a Grand piano for the sanctuary. The piano was used for the first time during the annual fall meeting of the Central Association held at the Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church on October 3, 1989. The cost of the piano was $8,900. During the church year of 1989, there were 14 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 169; and the recorded deaths were: Tommy Battcher Jimmy Cox Lillie Sapp Twyman Sapp William J. Watson Almarine Wright Benny Battcher was nominated as a deacon by Billie Veatch and it was seconded by Howard Farris on January 10, 1990. Upon his approval he was ordained by Bro. Vic Stansbury sometime before March 14, 1990 when it was mentioned in the minutes. During 1990, the church building and the pastorium were connected to the water line providing water from the Marion County Water District. A new vacuum cleaner, TV and VCR were purchased. Video tapes were also acquired to begin a video tape library for check-out. During the church year of 1990, there were 12 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 177; and the recorded deaths were: Harry Maupin Jesse Maupin Bernice Richerson Anthony "Cell" Yates During 1991, new American and Christian flags were purchased for the sanctuary. Steve Skaggs resigned after 2 1/2 years as director of music and youth. Darrin Jenkins served as interim director for music and youth. Improvements for the building and grounds included new guttering for the church building, construction of the basketball court, and resurfacing of the parking lot. During the church year of 1991, there were 6 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 173; and the recorded deaths were: Mildred Farmer Mildred Sapp Many felt that the acoustics in the sanctuary were not satisfactory. Therefore, in February of 1992, the Church voted to name a committee to check into the possibilities of installing a sound system. After many contacts, the sound system was installed in 1995. The Church decided on August 26, 1992, to replace the air conditioning system in the sanctuary and basement. The bid was awarded to Custom Air of Danville, Kentucky for a cost of $13,985. During the church year of 1992, there were 19 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 165; and the recorded deaths were: Lou Ella Wright Felix Cooper Carl Farmer J. C. Farmer Sudie Farmer Irvin Farris Hubie Graham Ada Sapp Mable Yates Sapp A new program designed for children ages 2-prekindergarten began in 1993. This program gives children an opportunity to attend Children's Church in the basement following the children's sermon in the sanctuary. Linda Taylor volunteered to be the director of the program. As of this date (1999), Wanda Farris and Bonnie Benningfield are coordinating the program. During the church year of 1993, there were 10 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 167; and the recorded deaths were: Esther Allen H. P. Carrender Bob Graham Lawrence "Buck" Wise In response to a recommendation from the deacons, the church voted on October 6, 1993, to send the pastor, and his wife, Joan Stansbury, on a trip to the Holy Land. The trip was scheduled for December 27, 1993 to January 4, 1994 at a cost of $4,820. Now that the church building and pastorium are connected to the Marion County Water line, there is no longer a need for the cistern which had been the source of water. The members were informed on November 10, 1993 that the cistern had been filled and the ground sealed. The Church voted on August 10, 1994, to replace the columns on the front entrance of the building. On November 9, 1994, the members were informed that the columns had been replaced by All Seasons Aluminum Company of Campbellsville, Kentucky at a cost of $716.56. During the church year of 1994, there were 11 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 160; and the recorded deaths were: Pete Hardesty Viola Newcomb Steve Rice Hermann Stapp Jack Taylor There are many good cooks among the ladies of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church. In order to share their recipes and pass them on to future generations, there have been two cookbooks published. The first cookbook entitled Favorite Recipes was published in 1981. The second cookbook entitled Sharing Recipes was published in 1995. During the church year of 1995, there were 20 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 163; and the recorded deaths were: Paul Battcher Mary Catherine Begley Harold Cox Charles Hardesty Raymond McNear Elsie Rice Aliza Richerson Harlan Thompson After much discussion and a survey regarding transportation needs, the Church voted on March 8, 1995 to buy a van. On March 10, 1996, picture sessions began for the 3rd Church Directory. In 1984 and 1987, Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church was involved in a movement against the sale of alcoholic beverages and the establishment of additional night clubs on U.S. 68 (new road close to county line). Church members were also active in a wet/dry election for the Jessetown precinct which was voted "dry" on December 15, 1987. On November 4, 1992, the deacons recommended that we prepare a petition against violence on television during prime time to send to the FCC and to our Senators and Representatives. We also decided to send a copy to the Western Recorder and to take a copy to the Central Association asking other churches to do the same. During the church year of 1996, there were 14 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 159; and the recorded deaths were: Ernest Benningfield Leroy Benningfield Karen Cox Howard Payne Earl Sanders On January 8, 1997, action was taken that a letter of appreciation was to be sent to the Lebanon Enterprise recognizing articles and commending Charlie Pearl for the series of articles written on alcohol and drug abuse in Marion County. During the church year of 1997, there were 16 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 155; and the recorded deaths were: Robert Moore Hubert Murphy Lee Richerson Frances Thompson During the church year of 1998, there were 8 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 151; and the recorded deaths were: Ruth Farmer Chester Payne Pauline Rafferty William Nicholas Hill Abigail Rogers Minnie Craig Bertha Yates On May 8, 1996, the deacons recommended the Constitution and By-Laws committee meet and set up a cemetery committee with guidelines to oversee the administration of the cemeteries belonging to the Church and the cemetery fund. The following amendment was presented on July 10, 1996. The second reading and approval was given on August 7, 1996. Article VII Committees (New Section) Section 14 Cemetery Committee This commitee of three shall have the responsibility of administering funds received and/or generated for the purpose of caring for church cemeteries. Teh members are to be elected for a three year term on a staggered basis. In order that this may be accomplished, the original committee will consist of one member who will serve a one year term. Thereafter, each member shall be elected for a three year term. The committee shall administer the funds to effectively maintain the cemeteries as appropriated by the church for up-keep of the cemeteries until the cemetery fund reaches $30,000. When the cemetery fund reaches $30,000, the committee shall administer funds generated through interest to maintain the cemeteries. Changes within the Southern Baptist Convention and the dates of publication of literature for Sunday School Bible Study necessitated change of the church calendar year from (October 1 through September 30) to (September 1 through August 31). The church fiscal year will now follow the calendar year, (January 1 to December 31). The antique chairs kept from the old (1874) church building have been restored by one of our members, Goldie Graham, and are now used in the sanctuary. The job description for Minister of Music and Youth has now been separated into two positions with one position for Minister of Music and another one for Minister of Youth. During 1999, the women of the Church had an opportunity to participate in the Bible Study, A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place by Beth Moore. The following amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws was approved on January 6, 1999. Article VII Section 1 All church committees shall be recommended by the nominating committee and elected by the church unless otherwise indicated in the description below. The committee members shall be elected each year. After being elected, the committee members of each committee shall be called together to elect their officers and organize for the consideration of problems related to work. Each committee shall report the action to the second business meeting following the election of its members. The following committees shall be elected. On June 9, 1999, the Church voted to accept a recommendation to open a brokerage account with Edward L. Jones in Lebanon, Kentucky. This fund was established to enable individuals to transfer stocks, bonds, and securities to the Church as gifts. Reverend Victor Stansbury, Pastor, has been a member of our Church family since 1980. Rev. Stansbury is active in many community affairs, the ministerial association, the Central Association, Campbellsville University, and supports many activities for better family and community life for Marion County and Taylor County residents. Darrin Jenkins was called to be the Minister of Music on Sunday, July 18, 1999. During the absence of a Youth Director and presently, Steve Yates serves to coordinate activities for the youth. Building Program (1992-1999) For many years, members of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church have had the opportunity to contribute to a building fund. This fund was established by a stewardship committee who felt that the time would come when we would need more space and additional facilities. On April 8, 1992, the deacons recommended a building steering committee be nominated. The following were approved to serve on the committee: Roger Barnett, David England, Joyce Payne, Billy Veatch, and Betty Whitehouse. On February 10, 1993, the building steering committee requested and received approval for an expenditure of up to $250, for an on-site consultation and possible sketches and plan reviews for future building needs from the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board Architecture Department. Using the results of a survey regarding the desires of church members and the comments and suggestions coming from the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board Architecture Department, On October 4, 1995, the building steering committee presented some ideas for building and requested approval to contact an architect to complete some preliminary drawings. Approval was given for up to $1000 for drawings. On Sunday, January 14, 1996, there was a special called business meeting to vote on the recommendations coming from the steering committee. A "yes" vote being a vote to build and a "no" vote being a vote not to build. Vote was by secret ballot. When the ballots were counted, there were 86 "yes" votes and 76 "no" votes. Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church December 10, 1995 In accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church, a notice is hereby given of a Special Called Business Meeting to be held after the morning service on December 17, 1995. The purpose of this meeting will be to hear and act upon the following recommendations of the Steering Committee: Having consulted with an architect who has submitted preliminary drawings and cost estimates, the Steering Committee presents the following recommendations to the Church: The Church enter into an agreement with Mr. Brian DeMeers to be our project architect and have him proceed with working drawings for the construction of a new multipurpose building, as shown in the architect's preliminary architectural drawing dated November 20, 1995. Construction of the building will not begin until the Church has a minimum of $100,000 in the building fund. It is estimated by the architect, that the proposed building will cost approximately $200,000-$250,000, depending upon the final construction method chosen, the bid process, amount of church supplied-labor, etc. The design of the building would be subject to final modifications by the architect and a Building Committee which will be appointed by the Church body to oversee the final plans and constuction of the building. The basic design concept as shown in architect's rendering, such as: the brick veneer exterior to match our existing building, conventional shingled roof, building dimensions, and overall intent of the rendering is to remain the same. The vote (whether to build or not to build) will be taken from the members present during the Special Called Business Meeting. The vote will be taken by secret ballot. Members of the Steering Committee will start the business meeting with a motion and a second, so as not to put undue pressure on anyone. This will allow for discussion and a vote on the committee's recommendations. The Steering Committee members will be available after each service on December 10, throughout the following week, and during the midweek prayer meeting service to answer and discuss any questions about the project and to give everyone an opportunity to become fully informed about the project. On Sunday, November 2, 1997, the following persons were elected to serve with the pastor on the building committee: June Elliott, Lester Farmer, Kelly Holderman, Jim Sabo, Joan Stansbury, Ernest Carol Taylor, and Steve Yates. Ernest Carol Taylor served as chairman, Lester Farmer, vice-chairman, and June Elliott, secretary. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 5, 1998. During business meeting on July 8, 1998, Ernest Carol Taylor reported that the Building Committee had obtained bids for the Fellowship Hall and Sunday School rooms addition with a total of 7,746 square feet. Isaac Tatum submitted the lowest bid of $316,000. The effective date of the contract is July 1, 1998. The official starting date is July 15, 1998. The project should be completed in 6-7 months. The Church will apply to the Ervin G. Houchens Foundation, Inc. for a loan in the amount of $75,000 at 5% interest. If other funding is needed, local banks have agreed to finance the remainder. The building committee seeks help, prayers, physical efforts, and financial support from everyone with this project. Mark Carney was ordained as a deacon by Bro. Vic Stansbury on Sunday evening, September 6, 1998. On December 9, 1998, it was reported that the Houchens Foundation granted Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church a loan of $50,000. The payments are set up for 14-15 years at $400 monthly at 5% interest. Approval was given for up to $110,000 to be secured from Citizens Bank of Lebanon as needed. The theme for the building program is "Come Grow With Us". In addition to the efforts and many hours work by the Building Committee, others who were instrumental in the completion of this project are Brian DeMers, architect; Isaac Tatum, contractor; Charles Yankey, brick layer; and Frankie Mattingly and Mike Gootee, electrical and plumbing contractors. Lester Farmer and Marion Payne donated the excavation for the foundation and the surrounding site. In addition, Lester prepared the site for seeding and sodding, constructed the driveway, and furnished the rock. Tommy Buckler donated his labor and expertise on installation of the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Kelly Holderman installed all appliances in the kitchen. Steve Morris installed all phone and communication lines. Mike Craig is working on a project to improve the acoustics in the Fellowship Hall. Bro. Vic and Joan and many other church members too numerous to name have donated countless hours cleaning, mopping floors, and moving church furniture in preparation for use of the building. The dedication service for the new addition was held on May 23, 1999. On July 18, the adult women were the first to occupy a classroom with other groups moving in during July and August. DEDICATION SERMON FOR NEW BUILDING May 23, 1999 "...Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." Psalm 127:1 "And the king, and all Israel with him, offered sacrifice before the LORD. And solomon offered a sacrifice of peace offerings, which he offered unto the LORD, two and twenty thousand oxen, and an hundred adn twenty thousand sheep. So the king and all the children of Israel dedicated the house of the LORD." 1 Kings 8:62-63. Several years ago this building was but a dream in a few peoples minds, but today it has become a reality. I am thankful that we have had people dream the dream. Proverbs 29:19 says "Were there is no vision, the people perish:" Churches always need people who have a vision of things that the Church needs to do and accomplish for the Lord, if not it will soon wither and die. I am thankful for a Steering Committee that began to put this dream down on paper and brought it before the Church for a vote and to a Building Committee that carried out the wishes of the Church and saw to it that the dream became a reality in the buildign you see before you today. But as we come to this dedication service today, let us not forget whose building this really is. It isn't the Steering Committee's, the Building Committee's, the deacon's, the congregation's, or even the Church's. This building is the Lord's. Two hundred thirty-four times in the Bible do we hear the Temple referred to a "The House of the Lord." And in the New Testament when Jesus cleansed the Temple, He said, "You shall not make my Father's House a den of Thieves." So any Church must realize that its buildings are to be used as if it is God's House. And as such, it is meant to be used, not to glorify a committee or a Church, but to glorify our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We come then today to dedicate this building to God and His Son Jesus Christ. May He always be glorified by what takes place in this building. And may many young people and adults alike be brought closer to the Lord and one another through the activities that will take place in this building. Rev. Victor J. Stansbury, Pastor A committee was elected to draw up a policy regarding the use of church facilities in August of 1999. January 5, 2000 a Facilities Use Policy was presented for discussion, input for additions and questions. A Facilities Use Policy was approved, with the addition of listing the reason for use of the building, in April 2000. Two young men of the church, Donald Lee Veatch and Stephen Keith Benningfield were ordained as deacons October 17, 1999. On October 24, 1999, Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church celebrated its 125th Anniversary. The celebration began with revival services: Wednesday, October 20th Bro. Kit Yeaste was the speaker; Thursday, October 21st Bro. Harold Meers; Friday, October 22nd Bro. Richard Shields; Saturday, October 23rd Bro. Earl Pike; and Sunday, October 24 Bro. Bruce Hullettte. On Sunday afternoon Bro. William Beard and others were given an opportunity to speak and reminisce. People were dressed in the garb of 1874. Bro Stansbury and Joan were brought to church in a horse drawn carriage driven by Lynn Benningfield. Pictures of the past were displayed in the Fellowship Hall. Dinner and fellowship followed the morning services. November 10, 1999 the church voted to close the lower cemetery at New Market. Work was done on the cemetery across the highway from the church and a new fence put up in April of 2001. The upper cemetery at New Market was cleaned off and a new fence erected in the spring of 2002. The church reached its goal of $30,000 to go into a perpetual fund to take care of the cemeteries in October 2002. The interest from the money will help with the upkeep of the cemeteries. Since interest rates are so low it was voted to start another savings account to eventually go into this perpetual care fund. The goal for this savings account is $20,000 before interest will be applied towards upkeep of the cemeteries. The church received an invitation to Bro. & Mrs. E. V. Carrier’s 65th wedding anniversary at Somerset, KY in December 1999. Bro. Carrier was a former pastor and is now deceased. During the church year of 1999, there were 7 additions by baptism and letter; the Sunday School Attendance average was 146; total receipts were $158,115, and the recorded deaths were: Ivy Brockman Minnie Craig Lennie Rafferty Abigail Rogers Bertha Yates
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