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Thomas Underwood

(Pastor of MHBC from 1875 - 1880 and again from 1885 - 1886) Rev, Thomas Underwood was the first pastor of Muldraugh Hill Church. Acting as missionary, by direction of the Home Mission Board of Russell's Creek Association, Bro. Underwood canvassed the territory and secured the means for the purchase of the beautiful location and the erection of Muldraugh Hill Church. Bro. Underwood spared no pains nor labor in the work, riding all over the territory and superintending in person all the business. Had it not been for his zeal in the cause, the church, in all probability, would never have been built. He was married to Elizabeth Druien Underwood. To this union was born at least one son, William Thomas Underwood who was born in Taylor County, Kentucky in the year 1818. He was also a minister and pastored many churches in Taylor, LaRue and other counties. Rev. Thomas Underwood was a well known minister and pastored the neighboring churches of Good Hope and Palestine. Bro. Underwood remained a member of the church after 1879, serving as clerk, messenger to the association, and later as pastor again from 1885 to 1886.

History of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church

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