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The Pastor Search Committee, on Sunday June 17, 2018, during the Morning Worship Service, gave a report of their work and made a recommendation that MHBC call Bro. Billy Compton to be our next pastor. The Committee will present this recommendation in the form of a motion at our next scheduled business meeting on July the 11, 2018, and if seconded, the church will be given a 1-week notice on Sunday July 15th of the upcoming vote on the call that we are extending to Bro. Billy. The vote will be taken on morning, July 22, 2018 from all members that are present. The Church Constitution and Bylaws requires a three-fourths majority in the affirmative to extend the call, and then Bro. Billy has the option to except the call based upon the vote. Please be in prayer for this important time in our church. From Bro. Billy June 17, 2018 regarding Bible School 2018: “I would like to thank all the students who attended VBS 2018 and pray it will have a lasting effect on the children and their families as they grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord.  Thank you to the church for providing the resources for our Bible school this past week and the teachers/workers who gave of themselves.  Also, thanks to those that provided delicious snacks each night for our Bible school hospitality room.  Great job everyone!”     -Bro. Billy The June and July Safety Team Volunteer Schedules are in the vestibule. We need your help to fill each of the positions available as we strive to provide security for our church and the safety of our members and visitors. It is NOT a requirement to have a concealed carry license to participate in the program. Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions you can contact Mckenzie Hardin, Kaylene Poff, Sam Graham, Josh Veatch or any of the other team members. There are two funds available to provide monetary support for the safety of the church facility, our members, and visitors:  “Video Survellience Fund” or the “MHBC Safety and Security Fund.” The GA’s will be taking up donations during the month of June to help Green River Ministries Shelter in Campbellsville.  They will have a box out in front of the GA room for donations.  Items needed are:  deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, body wash and razors.  Thank You! The Monthly Business Meeting will be Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. Your attendance will be appreciated as important decisions are made for our church family.
Kaylene Poff is taking care of sharing our prayer concerns during the week.  If you want to be included on the email list that gets the prayer concerns/updates or you want to add someone to the prayer list contact Kaylene at  kaylene@pcscomputer.net  or call her at (270) 849-4768.
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The five people who will constitute the Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee include the following: Charlotte Benningfield, David England, Margaret Pyles, Jim Sabo, Jr., and Don Veatch. Please pray for this committee daily as they commit to finding the next pastor of MHBC. May God’s vision for our church be what is sought as we go forward.
We welcome worshippers of all denominations  to join in celebrating God's love.
Billy Compton, Interim Pastor
Notice from the Transportation Committee: The church has a van and bus that are available for church groups going on church related trips. In an effort to serve as many people as possible, the Transportation Committee requests that the usage of the church vehicles be reserved in advance of a planned activity. Please call or text any of the four members of the Transportation Committee to make a reservation. The members are: o	Don Veatch - (270) 692-7329 o	Sam Graham (270) 465-1095 o	Glenn Cox (270) 692-8564 o	Josh Veatch (270) 692-7693 Notice from the Facility Use Committee: Please don’t forget to fill out a request form if you would like to reserve the church fellowship hall for an event and give the completed form to Bro. Billy or a member of the Facility Use Committee.  Members of the committee are: Mark Carney, Anita Lanham, Jean Peterson and Jim Sabo Jr. The forms are located in the church vestibule on the credenza or you can print one from the church website by clicking the link or the icon at the bottom of the page labeled “Facility/Ground Use Calendar.” Why Have a Safety/Security Team and Proactive Safety Protocols? Safety means taking reasonable measures to make the place(s) where we meet safe and to be ready to respond to various emergencies, whether natural (such as tornado, flooding), accidental (such as fire), medical (such as heart attack, stroke, fall), or secondary to a violent act. These are several reasons to form a Safety/Security Team or to form proactive safety protocols at church.  According to statistics done by the non-profit Faith Based Security Network, in 2017 alone there were 117 violent deaths—defined as homicides, suicides, and aggressors killed in action—on faith based properties in the United States. Posted March 4, 2018: Per our hiring policy, we are announcing in the church bulletin that the church will be looking to fill the position for our Minister of Youth.  During the month of March, the Personnel Committee will meet to prepare the advertisement for the local newspapers and begin making plans as to how and when the position may be filled.  We want to thank the Personnel Committee in advance for the work they will put into this process.  Please be in prayer for them as they lead the way in filling this vital ministry in our church.  We also ask that you thank Erin for her years of service and continue to pray for her, the youth in our church and the Youth Advisory Committee as they lead the youth during this transition period.
Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to visit our church and think you will find our church family very friendly and welcoming. We love God and want our church to be a lighthouse for the community.
We video-tape every Morning Worship Service and some of our special services. If you would like a copy of a service, please let Josh England, Sam Graham, or Ernest Carol Taylor know. Check us out on Facebook! MHBC Podcast of Bro. Billy’s Sermons MHBC now has its own Podcast of Bro. Billy’s sermons! You can now subscribe to the podcast on your smartphone, tablet, and/or computer.  •	On your smart phone, find your “podcast” icon and click on it. Then do a search for “Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church”, and subscribe to it for future upcoming sermons. Our MHBC members are already using it and listening to the podcast in their cars, and at work. •	For your computer, click here:      You can also “share” the link with others from the site once you get there. So, please share it with your friends. Click to view the current edition of the Western Recorder  MHBC "The Hill" newsletter Click here to listen to Bro. Billy Compton’s Podcast Messages.
Celebrating Fathers on June 17, 2018